Aluminium Security Industries has been a South Australian family business since 1986. They are known for their superior value and custom home improvement products. Read on to learn more about their products. There are many benefits to purchasing security doors from ASI. Here are just a few:


ASI security doors AdelaideAs a South Australian family-owned business, Aluminium Security Industries is proud to offer the very best in custom home improvement products. Since 1986, this company has focused on providing superior value and custom home improvement products to its customers. From awnings to security gates, doors and windows, ASI security doors Adelaide has it all! The company has a reputation for quality and service, from custom sliding glass door systems to window and door screens.


Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a renovator, ASI security doors Adelaide can improve the look and security of your home. Based in South Australia, the family-owned business has manufactured superior quality home improvement products since 1986. Since then, the company has provided custom-made solutions with unparalleled value. To learn more about ASI security doors Adelaide, keep reading! Listed below are some of the benefits of these products.

Remote control

Wireless technology can be incorporated into security doors Adelaide. One option is a single door that controls several others, allowing easy access to the individual doors. This system eliminates the need for keys and keypads and is particularly useful in a building where employees often enter and exit from the same door. It can also incorporate a locking system to prevent unauthorised access. These devices can be very convenient and provide the peace of mind of knowing that a building is secure.

Internal door sensor

An internal door sensor for an ASI security door Adelaide can provide extra protection for your home. Installing an ASI security door makes your home more secure and gives you peace of mind. With a thick, solid door, no one can watch you from the outside, and you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbours. There are so many benefits to installing an ASI security door Adelaide. Here are a few:

Keyless locks

Keyless locks are a modern alternative to traditional deadbolts and are perfect for commercial properties. They are designed to prevent unwanted guests from entering the premises by providing a high level of security. These security solutions eliminate the hassle of carrying and keeping several keys. Furthermore, the locking mechanism of these door options is pick-proof. You can rest assured that your family and belongings will always remain safe. As the name implies, ASI security doors Adelaide keyless locks incorporate wireless technology.


In 1986, the family-owned business Aluminium Security Industries first set up shop. Since then, the business has remained committed to delivering superior value and custom home improvement products. With the help of our experienced staff, we have become one of the largest suppliers of security doors in South Australia. So if you’re considering investing in a new door for your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how our doors and windows are built to stand the test of time.


As a South Australian family-owned business, ASI is committed to providing superior value and custom home improvement products. Since 1986, the company has offered its customers high-quality, durable products. It was the only company in the country that could boast of having built over a thousand security doors. Besides, ASI security doors Adelaide also come with superior features, including fire resistance.


If you’re wondering how to find the best price on an ASI security door in Adelaide, consider a few things:


  1. You should ask the company how much their doors and windows cost. They’ll have to provide you with a quote based on the specifications and style of the door.
  2. You should also factor in shipping costs.
  3. It would be best if you also considered the cost of installation.

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in security doors Adelaide. These doors are robust and can be made in various designs. They can be plain or fancy and offer high privacy and full visibility. However, if you are worried about security breaches, you should opt for a steel door. For small apartments, you can opt for a security screen door. These are extremely effective in keeping unwanted people out, but they require proper installation.