For the best consultations with an Exercise Physiology Adelaide has to offer, look for a company specialising in specialised training and consulting. iNform Health & Fitness Solutions is a leading Exercise Physiology practice in Adelaide, with Move for Better Health clinics in Magill and Malvern. The company’s team of specialists specialises in science-based physical training and rehabilitation, helping people achieve optimal Health and full, active life. These professionals also offer 1:1 gym training, consultations, and a range of group fitness classes.

iNform Health & Fitness Solutions

exercise physiology AdelaideIf you are looking for exercise physiology in Adelaide, look no further than the team at iNform Health & Fitness Solutions. Their exercise physiology Adelaide studio uses state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line technology to help people better shape. With a wide variety of training options to choose from, you will find a program that suits your needs.

The iNform Health & Fitness Solutions team are passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals. They use various training techniques and keep you informed throughout the process. Their staff are highly knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to work with. The personal training offered at iNform Health & Fitness Solutions makes exercise fun and enjoyable, making it a great way to overcome injuries and reach fitness goals. iNform has won numerous awards and continues to gain recognition as Adelaide’s leading exercise physiology practice.

Founded by Chris Flavel, iNform Health & Fitness Solutions provides a wide range of exercise physiology services to improve the Health and wellbeing of clients. Our accredited exercise physiologists in Adelaide have a combined ten years of experience. Initially employed through SA Heath, Chris worked as a physiotherapist in the Fit for Surgery program for two years, working with patients undergoing surgery. Afterwards, he spent seven years working at the ACH Group, where he worked with clients suffering from osteoarthritis. Currently, Chris Flavel is employed as a Clinical Supervisor at UniSA and allocates his time between teaching and clinical practice.

Seed Exercise Physiology

If you’re looking for a female-centric exercise physiology studio, Seed Exercise Physiology Adelaide is your best bet. With a focus on women’s Health and fitness, the staff at this Adelaide clinic have mastered the art of exercise prescription and wellness education. Kiara, a qualified exercise physiotherapist, is the studio owner and has extensive knowledge of the impact exercise can have on a woman’s body. She will work with you to create an exercise program that is effective and safe for your individual needs.

Stephen Koutsouliotis has been working as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for over a year and a half. He has worked with various conditions, including chronic and acute health conditions. He also has experience in public healthcare. At Seed Exercise Physiology Adelaide, you’ll receive the same expert care you’ve come to expect from a world-class provider. For more information, visit their website.

What Does an Exercise Physiologist Do?

An Exercise Physiologist in Adelaide has extensive experience working with a range of patients, including chronic conditions. The services of an Exercise Physiologist include individualised programs and health education. In addition, they provide rehabilitation and advice for musculoskeletal conditions. They also prescribe exercises to prevent, treat, and manage chronic diseases. In addition to specialised rehab equipment, Exercise Physiologists also utilise gym rehab equipment to treat musculoskeletal injuries.

The clinics run supervised group sessions and offer a wide range of services to help clients improve their fitness levels. These sessions are held Monday to Friday and also include after-hours options. Individuals can attend sessions at their convenience, benefiting from the supervised, encouraging environment. In addition, supervised group sessions can be very affordable. They can also assist clients with lifestyle challenges, including arthritis, diabetes, and back pain.

Initially, an Exercise Physiology Adelaide will review a patient’s medical history and physical limitations to formulate an appropriate exercise program. The program will include exercises specific to a patient’s goals, whether weight loss or muscle strengthening or a specific type of exercise. Then, based on your specific needs, your Exercise Physiologist will recommend a program that will help you reach your goals while improving your Health. It will also be monitored to see if your exercises are effective and motivate you to continue with your exercise program.

Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercising to improve Health and fitness. These professionals complete four years of university training to become accredited exercise physiologists. In addition to prescribing exercise, they also help patients with chronic pain or injury. In addition to advising patients, AEPs work closely with GPs and other health care professionals. The goal of these professionals is to prevent and restore optimal physical function. So if you are interested in an Exercise Physiologist, contact an ECH Adelaide practice today!