A building inspector is an individual who inspects construction projects to ensure compliance with local building codes. This person also advises property owners and builders and helps at the permit counter. They are responsible for keeping up with changes in building codes, and they are responsible for scheduling inspections. A building inspector’s job may also involve:

  • Observing construction methods.
  • Responding to complaints about work in progress.
  • Keeping records of the work they have performed.


Generally, a new inspector must have at least a high school diploma. Several types of certification are available to building inspector, including professional and voluntary certifications. Some of these voluntary certifications are recognised by building inspection agencies. These organisations also issue licenses to inspectors who have received additional training. While there are no national standards for certification, many states and local jurisdictions require inspectors to have a license or certification. A licensed building inspector will prove their knowledge of the profession.


Experience is a must in the construction industry can help you secure a job as a building inspector. Those with a bachelor’s degree in architecture can earn their certificate by gaining experience. During the initial stages of certification, you should look for internships or mentoring programs. These programs provide an opportunity to shadow experienced building inspectors and learn their techniques. The mentors can help you with your training by observing them on inspection rounds. This will allow you to learn more about building codes and ordinances. You will also learn how to write detailed reports and communicate with clients.


A building inspector’s job involves inspecting some buildings in a short period. Therefore, a new building inspector needs to have as much hands-on experience as possible. A mentor can help you with the basics, such as writing detailed reports and communicating with clients. Getting a mentor is the best way to improve your chances of getting a job as a building inspector. It is imperative to have a strong foundation in the construction industry to start your career on the right foot.


A building inspector must be able to communicate their findings in different formats. They need to write clear reports and give instructions on how to make a structure better. Aside from writing reports, a building inspector must also speak to employers, contractors, and construction teams. Moreover, they must be in good physical condition to carry out their duties properly. Finally, they must be in a position where they can do their job without the stress of worrying about their safety.

A building inspector has the responsibility for checking the safety of a structure. They are responsible for maintaining daily construction logs, ensuring that the site is safe and no violations occur. Among other things, they measure the height, width, and depth of a building. They also check for electrical and plumbing installations. They also issue violation notices and construction permits to ensure compliance with the laws. These professionals work under very tight deadlines and must know their jobs.