When buying a UNIPAK silage wrap, it’s essential to purchase a good quality product. You don’t want to end up with a product that won’t hold up when you bale it or store it. Fortunately, there are many different types of silage wrap to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs. First, read on to learn more about these different types of silage wrap. Then, compare them to the other options available.

silage wrapSilawrap

Depending on the use of the wrap, different layers are needed. For example, silage wraps can vary in UV protection and tact. Some have more tack than others and can be tailored to specific needs. For example, if the bales will be placed in direct sunlight, you may want to buy a wrap with high UV protection but low tact. On the other hand, a good silage wrap will protect from sunlight and act as a protective barrier for the bales.

EconoFlex 5

This new eco-friendly film is available in a forest green colour. It comes packaged in a convenient, user-friendly carton and is made from a dense, water-resistant eco-neutral cardboard core. It provides excellent UV protection and is made using state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, this film comes in a 7-layer version, ensuring even better performance. To find out more about this product, check out the information below.

Polybase 5 UNIPAK silage wrap stretch film is manufactured using specially selected raw materials to provide trouble-free wrapping even in the harshest climates. Its advanced stretch film technology allows for more bales per reel and increased time efficiency. This new film also helps farmers reduce their costs. The playable film also replaces the netwrap used on round bales. In addition to being playable, the film can be used on round and square bales. Furthermore, this new film can be used with most bale wrappers to provide a reliable seal.


In various ways, bale wrapping is necessary for ensuring the best yields and crop quality for your crop. Many types of wraps are available, including twine, baling net, silage sheets, and film. But when it comes to silage wrap, none can be compared to ZeussEpicrop silage wrap. Its unique 5-layer design has several advantages over its competitors.

The five-layer design of the ZEUS EPICROP EPIC 5 bale wrap allows you to maximize the material’s mechanical properties, providing an optimal ensiling environment. As a result, this product can deliver the desired qualities, including puncture resistance, tear resistance, and elasticity. In addition, its UV stability and cling ability ensure that you’ll have the best results from your silage wrapping operations.

Exceed(TM) XP performance PE polymers

ExxonMobil has introduced new Exceed(TM) XP metallocene-based linear low-density polyethylene resins, which deliver significant performance enhancements in film applications. These polymers feature advanced catalyst technology, process research and application expertise to provide extreme film performance. Specifically, they enable faster film production rates with exceptional tear and puncture resistance.

Like Exceed XP 7021, high-performance PE polymers offer low-density properties and exceptional toughness. As a result, they are ideal for packaging silage in cold climates, where low seal temperatures are required. Furthermore, these films deliver superior optical properties, further enhancing the packaging’s integrity. The company says that these advanced polymers will open up new markets for HDS converters.

Visqueen Polycarp

Visqueen Polycrop silage wrap is an expert blend of adhesive additives. This film offers excellent sealing and prevents residue on the pre-stretch rollers. It is designed to offer superior wrapping performance 24 hours a day and is suitable for use on modern, high-speed wrappers. Its unique design and construction make it suitable for a variety of climates. In addition, its high-quality production process guarantees a consistent and reliable wrap experience, resulting in well-shaped bales.

The UNIPAK Silage Wrap Film market is segmented according to end-use and type. It is also analyzed geographically, focusing on North America and Asia-Pacific. This report also identifies key trends and challenges that will drive demand in future. It includes a quantitative analysis of the global market for Silage Wrap Film and qualitative analysis of the key players within the value chain.