What support do I get?

We offer either 6 months or one year of support depending on the subscription you purchase. Support is offered via our support forum. Simply login and post your question. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can view our support policy here.

Do I need a current subscription to use FocalPoint on my site?

No. Since version 1.1, the core FocalPoint component is provided completely free of charge without any restrictions. 

Why would I want a subscription?

You will need a subscription to download professional add-ons and receive support.  We've built a series of add-on extensions that provide advanced functionality to Focalpoint. Like fullscreen support, marker clustering, auto zooming and panning and a Find My Location button. When your subscription runs out you can continue to use FocalPoint indefinitely. 

Can I install it on more than one domain?

Yes. FocalPoint is licensed under the GPLv3 license. You can install it on as many sites as you like. A standard subscription entitles you to receive support for one domain unless you have purchased an Unlimited Domain License

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the extension?

Yes. We offer a 14 day refund. If, due to technical issues FocalPoint can't run on your site with the same features as in our demos we will refund your money. But, please lodge a support request first. Here's our warranty and refund policy.

Do you support Joomla! 2.5?

We only support Joomla! 3.x at this stage. Originally, FocalPoint was being developed for Joomla! 2.5 but as we got closer to a stable release and the J!2.5 end-of-life got closer we made the decision to update all the code to be compatible with Joomla! 3.x. Maintaining two versions during the initial development of a product simply isn't viable. Given the J!2.5 end-of-life is December 2014 it's highly unlikely that we will build a 2.5 version.

What languages are supported?

At this stage FocalPoint ships with an English language file. FocalPoint has been developed using the Joomla! language system of .ini files so it's very easy to create a new .ini file for your language. If you do so, we would like to hear from you and include it in future releases.

Can I modify the code?

Yes. You are free to do whatever you like with the extension. Bare in mind that if you modify core files and break something we may not be able to help you. We recommend you make a template override and confine any changes to your template files. All the front end output and Google API Javascript can be modified in your override files.

What are the system requirements for running FocalPoint?

Given the nature of web servers and the infinite number of hardware, software and configuration options it's impossible for us to test FocalPoint exhaustively. If your system meets the recommended Joomla! system requirements for Joomla! 3.x you will be fine. In addition, if there are technical issues preventing FocalPoint from function on your server we will issue you a refund.

Who is responsible for developing the FocalPoint Extension?

FocalPoint was developed by John Pitchers. John is co-founder and lead developer at Joomstore in Western Australia and has been building Joomla based sites since version 1.0. Here's where you can find out some more info, read the blog, view John's about.me page, follow John on Twitter and Google+.

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  • "...a flexible and full-featured mapping component for your site... ...I don't think you will be disappointed with its capabilities and customizability."



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  • "I really love this extension!"


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