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Currently no microdata is generated by the default templates.

Proposed Solution


Search function

The current search functionality uses the Google Maps API to search for a location. The map pans to the returned coordinates and shows pins local to that point. This is fine provided a user searches for a location within the area of the map but users can enter locations beyond the current map or even the other side of the world. The result returned by Google could be anywhere. 

Proposed Solutions

  1. Add an option to the configuration for "Valid search distance". Any results returned by Google beyond the configured distance from the center point will display an error message.
  2. Add Map Search Configuration options at the Map level. Currently map search is configured globally with no options to set different parameters for different maps.


KML File support

Currently no support for KML file overlays. Requests for this feature are split into two camps.

  1. A single overlay per map that can be uploaded on the map view in the backend.
  2. KML overlays that can be toggled on and off in the same way locations are.

Proposed Solution

Probably both but thus far undecided.


And/Or relationships between selected types.

From v1.0 it's been possible to assign locations to more than one type. In this way a location like a restaurant can be represented in the legend as a "Restaurant" and also perhaps a "Tourist Attraction". The location would be shown if one or both types are selected in the legend. This is an "Or" relationship. But what if we run a Cycling website and we want to add a type for "Cycle Friendly Businesses"? Selecting "Restaurants" and "Cycle Friendly Businesses" will show all locations that are of one OR the other type. It would actually show all Cycle Friendly Businesses whether they are restaurants or not. 

FocalPoint needs the functionality to be able to define a location types as having an AND relationship with other types where necessary. In this way, the above scenario would only show locations that match both "Cycle Friendly" AND "Restaurant".

The current OR relationship means each checkbox increases the number of locations shown. An AND relationship would narrow down the list and reduce the number show.

This feature would make FocalPoint ideal for Real Estate and other applications.

Release notes

Version 1.2.5 released 10 April 2015

  • Fixes a bug where unpublished and trashed location types and legends would still be displayed.
  • Adds maximum zoom to global configuration and map configuration options.
  • Fixes a bug where a quotation mark in a location title would break the front end javascript.


Version 1.2.4 released 8 Mar 2015

Change to focalpoint.xml enables a field for KML file storage for a new plugin in the works.


Version 1.2.3 released 6 January 2015

Bug fixes

  • Allows the Google Maps API to load over https.
  • Fixes an issue where custom fields can be defined without a name.
  • Fixes issues where notices and warnings were being generated when custom field details were changed and conflicted with previously saved location data.


Version 1.2.2 released 26 October 2014

Changes the filtering applied to location descriptions. FocalPoint now applies the filtering defined in Joomla's Global Configuration for the relevant user levels. You can now paste video embed code without it being stripped away.


Version 1.2.1 released 24 October 2014

Minor fix to sample code provided in the template.


Version 1.2.0 released 17 October 2014

This release started as a bug fix release but grew to include new featuress so the version has jumped from 1.1 to 1.2.

  • Added the option to display the map or list view in the first tab. It's in the global configuration and can be overridden in the map settings.
  • Fixed language issues. All english text hard coded in the template files has been replaced with language declarations and can be overridden with language files in the normal way.
  • Addition custom field types have been added. Custom field types now include Select Boxes and Multi Select Boxes.
  • Better, more refined icon pins and cluster icons.
  • The infobox "Find out more" link can now be set to link to a menu item.
  • Removed the ability to change the name of a custom field once it has been saved. This was causing issues with data being lost when the custom field name was altered.
  • Fixed missing div in sidebar sub-template.
  • Custom fields are now accessible in the map view. Previously they were only available in the locations view. A note has been added to the default template files.
  • Custom field values can now be displayed in location descriptions and infoboxes by wrapping the custom field name in curly brakets. ie {your-custom-field}. This will be extended in 1.3 with the ability to define an infobox template.


Version 1.1.0 released 22 August 2014

With this release the core FocalPoint component is now FREE. It's has all the functionality of version 1.0 with quite a few bugfixes. In addition, v1.1 now supports plugins. We've developed several plugins which add advanced functionality to FocalPoint. These add-ons form the paid content and are available with a subscription.

  • Fixed issue with Joomla content plugins not working on location pages.
  • Reduced the amount of Javascript output by the template. Provided 2 versions of the file. One with commented code and one without.
  • FocalPoint now supports plugin events. We've added several plugins to the Pro Downloads
    • Fitbounds Plugin - Uses Google Maps FitBounds methods to automatically zoom and pan to ensure all markers are visible at the optimal zoom. This adjusts itself when legend types are toggled.
    • Fullscreen Plugin - Adds a button to the bottom of the sidebar allowing the user to launch FocalPoint as a fullscreen application. Yes! It's awesome!
    • Map Styles Plugin - Provides over 100 pre made colour schemes via the SnazzyMaps API. The plugin retreives available map styles directly from the SnazzyMaps site so if you see it on their site, it's available as a style directly in your extension.
    • Marker Clusters Plugin - One of biggest issues with maps with multiple markers is that markers overlap when you zoom out. Markers get obscured and rendered invisible completely in many situations. MarkerClustering groups nearby markers into a single clickable cluster. Clicking a cluster zooms in to show those locations.
    • My Location Plugin - Adds a "Find My Location" button allowing the user to find their location. Beware, this functionality relies on Geo location services provided by the users device which may or may not be available for some users. There is also a javascript listener which identifies when the users location is on or off screen and updates the button text accordingly.
    • Joomla Search Plugin - Allows users to search locations via the standard Joomla search funciton. Add's "locations" to the available search areas.
    • FocalPoint Location Module - a simple module that displays a location map with a marker and infobox in any module position you like.
  • Minor CSS fixes and changes.
  • CSS animation to infobox popup. Add subtle fade and slide when the infobox comes in to view.



Version 1.0.2 released 6 June 2014

  • Fix minor layout issue with Get Directions form with some templates.
  • Added custom image layout template to front end view.
  • Fixed layout issue with custom image field in admin location view.
  • Fixed issue caused by conflict with custom textareas and new class in Joomla3.3 validation.js
  • Fixed issue with popup staying on screen after a map tab has been deleted.
  • Added missing language file definitions
  • Fixed drop down filter fields on location and map views showing duplicate "-- Select --" in first 2 rows.
  • Added icons to titles in all admin views.


Version 1.0.1 released May 9 2014

  • Fixed minor bugs and language file omissions.


Version 1.0.0 released 23 April 2014

  • Website launched and initial build submitted to Joomla Extension Directory for approval.



Bug ReportStatusVersion
Joomla Content Plugins are ignored in location pages Fixed v1.1.0
It's possible to create two locations with the same name and alias. With SEF turned on only one can be accessed. Pending  
Minor CSS issue with positioning of Get Directions inputs Fixed v1.0.2
Custom textareas break the admin location function in Joomla 3.3. Joomla's rewritten validation.js file doesn't like element ids containing square brackets. Fixed v1.0.2 
Custom image layout in Admin needs attention Fixed v1.0.2 
Custom image not being output in template. Seems to not have been fully implemented in v1.0 release. Fixed v1.0.2 
Conflict with RokPad editor causes custom Tabs to be undeletable. May be other issues with RokPad. Needs testing. Pending  
When deleting custom tab from addmin map view the alert popup stays in place after the tab has been deleted. Fixed v1.0.2 
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