This is a demo of the kind of map you can create with FocalPoint Pro version for Joomla

Australia's Famous Icons.

There's no doubt about it... Australia is an amazing destination. With such a vast landscape and so much to see and do here's just a taste of this awesome country. Maybe, we'll see you soon.

beware kangaroos

You can use plugin shortcodes in your map description, location descriptions, tabs and custom fields.

This gallery was creating in Yootheme's Widgetkit and inserted into the tab using the Widgetkit shortcode {widgetkit id=1}. Easy.


focalpoint hero


This map is a demonstration of the FocalPoint mapping extension for Joomla! 3.x 


More than just a mapping extension

Create advanced directories with custom legends, pins, infoboxes and hundreds of locations. Define the content for each location using CCK functionality. And, give your users the ability to search and filter using familiar UI elements.

Integrated map search and filters

Enter a location or postal code and FocalPoint will zoom in and display locations within the radius you define.

Not all locations are the same

Want to add dining options to your restaurant listings? ...or an email address to your accommodation pins? No probs. Using CCK functionality you define the fields for each location type.

Fully customisable

Everything you see on a map is configurable. Want to enable mouse zooming or use satellite view? No problem. There’s options for that in the global configuration and individually for each map. Don’t want search? There’s a checkbox for that. Want to change the search radius or use satellite view? There’s fields for that. Want a different pin? We’ve included over 100.

Build your own templates

If you know a bit of PHP and HTML you can build your own templates using Joomla’s override system. Any custom fields you create are available for layout within your template. It's as easy as this

echo $this->renderCustomField(‘your_custom_field’, true);

Street View

Just check the box and street view is available to your users right in your website.


Some locations just can’t be pigeon holed. Like the local YMCA. They have a swimming pool, gym, skate bowl, creche and cafe. So, do you define it as a Sporting Venue, Aquatic Centre, Place to Eat or Childcare? How about all of the above? No problem.

Focus on usability

To tell you a short story… we started building FocalPoint early 2013 on Joomla 2.5 with a roadmap based on the front end functionality. Features were being added and tested and things were powering along. But, the admin felt, well, a little bloated. We made the decision late 2013 to migrate all our work to Joomla3.x and completely redesigned the backend workflow. We narrowed the admin editing screens down to just 4 views.

Maps on any device

FocalPoint is fully responsive. Your maps will adapt to any screen size - even changes to orientation after it loads.

Magically adapts to your template

The FocalPoint stylesheets don’t contain any font, size, line height or color declarations whatsoever. All paragraph, heading and link styles will be inherited from your template. In addition, all FocalPoint style declarations are prefixed with “#focalpoint” so styles will only apply to the FocalPoint extension.

Just show me the info

Some of your users are pointers and clickers. Others are scrollers and flickers. Enable the list view and give the flickers the ability to scroll through your location list. They can even search and filter the list using the same controls as the map view.

What is included in the Pro Subscription?

This map demos the pro addons a FocalPoint paid subscription gets you.

Fullscreen Fuctionality using the HTML5 API. That's right - full screen - not just a bigger window. The entire screen. It works the same way as clicking the full screen icon on a Youtube video. It's truly awesome. 



Map Styles with over 100 pre-built colour schemes courtesy of SnazzyMaps. This plugin uses the Snazzy Maps API to pull all available styles directly into the Joomla interface. Just click and choose. You can even edit your chosen style if you want to tweak the code. 

Marker Clustering for maps with lots of over-lapping markers. This plugin uses Google's Marker Clustering methods to group nearby markers under a single clickable icon. Much better than trying to click markers that are only pixels apart. It's a great UX improvement that your visitors will love. 



Automatic Zooming and Panning using Google's Fitbounds API methods improves the UX for your visitors. When options are clicked in the legend the map will automatically pan and zoom to the most optimal point. This works extremely well with marker clustering.

Add a "Find My Location" button to your map which allows the user to instantly pinpoint their location in relation to your other markers. The location marker can be toggled on and off and if the user pans the map too far they can click to scroll back to their location instantly.



Joomla Search Plugin. Now your locations can be searched using the standard Joomla search functionality. This plugin adds a "locations" search area to the standard search form which integrates locations into your Joomla site search perfectly.

A stand alone Location Module that displays a map with your chosen pin, infobox content and map style. Simply publish this module in a relevant module position and select the required location. Alternatively, use Joomla's Loadmodule plugin to display the module directly in Joomla content items.


icon support

Technical Support. All subscribers receive technical support, free updates and a money back guarantee.

  • "The support is excellent. I had a few requests and a day later I was enjoying the fix/addition..."


    focalpoint og image

    Kitesurfer - Joomla Extensions Directory Review

  • "...a flexible and full-featured mapping component for your site... ...I don't think you will be disappointed with its capabilities and customizability."



    Scott Lavelle - - JED Review

  • "A sort of Google Maps/CCK/Directory mashup... works well with responsive templates and looks good on any screen width."



    Ozniel - Joomla Extensions Directory Review

  • "I really love this extension!"


    focalpoint og image

    kalkrishnan - JED review

  • "...blows away all other Joomla Map Components. Trust me, I have purchased every single one... buy this one!"


    focalpoint og image

    Deplexoco - Joomla Extensions Directory Review

  • "More than i expected out of the box. It is extremely easy to use and has been well thought out. Support is great..."

    Leah Shanley

    Leah Shanley -

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